Recommended Reading

Animal Inspiration
  Canfield, Hansen, and Wyland
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Humane Heroes (, , ) American Humane Assocation
Animal Science
  Donald Griffin
Justin Gregg
Deane Renouf
Reynolds, Wells, and Eide
Schusterman, Thomas, and Wood
Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Ph.D and Toni Fohoff, Ph.D.
Karen Pryor and Ken Norris
Louise Quayle
Lynne Houck and Lee Drickamer
George Page
Nigel Bonner
Marianne Riedman
David Miller
Seals & Sea lions David Miller
Seals & Sea lions; A portrait of the animal world Andrew Cleave
Fred Bruemmer and Brian Davies
Minasian, Balcomb, and Foster
Animal Training
  Shelley Wood
Ken Ramirez
Jenifer Zeligs
Alan Kazdin
Gary Wilkes
Karen Pryor
Karen Pryor
Karen Pryor
Gabrielle Harris
Blanchard, Lacinak, Tompkins, and Ballard
Grey Stafford
Careers With Animals
  Louise Miller
Terry Samansky
Children's Reading
  Joel Harper
Kathleen Zoehfeld
Mark Jasper
Loran Wlordarski
Mary Jean Hendrick     
  John E. Reynolds III and Randall S. Wells
Braje and Rick
Mark Simmons
Terrie Williams
Samuel Turvey
Brian and Becky Masuga
Environmental Education
  Richard Louv
Joseph Cornell
Field Guides
  Stewart, Clapham, and Powell
Veterinary Science
  Dierauf and Gulland
The Merick Veterinary Manual  
Zoos and Aquariums
  Carol Howard
James Gesualdi
Russell Chiodo and Krista Stouffer
Cheryl Messinger and Terran McGinnis